Laser Cutter Submission Form

Laser Cutter Use Agreement

The Library's Laser Cutter is available to patrons to cut, score, or engrave materials. Click here for a full description of materials and capabilities.

The Library reserves the right to review and approve all projects. The design may be examined to ensure that it is possible to produce. If there is a problem with the design and/or production, the patron will be informed of the problem(s) and the change(s) needed before the design can be printed.

In addition, the Library reserves all rights to:

  • Refuse any request.
  • Stop production due to time constraints or laser cutter capabilities.
  • Limit the number of requests.
  • Charge users for completed projects.
  • Limit access to the Laser Cutter to Algonquin Area Public Library District cardholders.

Patrons are not permitted to use the Laser Cutter to create objects which are:

  • Prohibited by local, state or federal law.
  • In violation of the terms of use of the manufacturer of the Laser Cutter.
  • Obscene or inappropriate for the Library environment.
  • In violation of a person's intellectual property rights, e.g., the laser cutter may not be used to produce objects which are protected by a copyright, patent or trademark.

Patrons may use the Laser Cutter only with the assistance of designated Library staff and volunteers.

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Please wait until you have been contacted by makerspace staff with the correct program code before submitting. Invalid codes may not be accepted or may delay use of the laser cutter.

Maximum file size: 5MB

General Use Submission

What kind of material do you want to laser cut/etch? Not all materials are safe for use in the laser. Please include the type of material, thickness, and if it is coated in any material or finish.

File Uploads

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Cut or Etch
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