Paper Crafting Equipment

Bring your paper crafting ideas to life in our Makerspace with a wide range equipment ready to use for any creation you might have in mind.


Our collection of paper crafting equipment includes a button makerlaminator, and a Sizzix die cutting and embossing machine. These machines make it easy to create custom buttons, laminate important documents, and add intricate designs to your paper crafts.


We also have a variety of cutting tools available, including a guillotine paper trimmer, X-Acto knife sets, rotary blades, and a self-healing cutting mat. These tools ensure that your projects have clean and precise cuts, making them look professional and polished.

In addition to the equipment, we offer resources and guidance to help you explore new techniques and create one-of-a-kind projects. Our friendly staff is always available to answer questions and offer assistance. Join us in our paper crafting section and discover the endless possibilities of this versatile art form!