What is an X-Carve?

The X-Carve is a machine that uses a drill bit to carve projects out of wood and other materials. Projects can be created using the Easel software and staff will run the machine to complete a project.

How can I create a design?

Create an Inventables account and use the Easel software to begin designing!

Share your design and we will review it and contact you.


What materials can I use?

The Makerspace sells various sizes and thicknesses of materials for cutting on this machine but you are welcome to use your own materials pending approval by Makerspace staff. View the price list.

Approved Materials

  • hardwood
  • plywood
  • softwood
  • linoluem stamps
  • acrylic
  • HDPE

MDF is strictly prohibited for safety reasons.

Keep in mind...

  • The X-Carve work area is 500mm x 500mm (19.685" x 19.685").
  • The X-Carve will cut through material up to 1/2" in thickness
  • Maximum run time for any given project is 2 hours. Projects may not exceed this time limit.
  • Only 1 drill bit will be used to complete a project. We cannot use a 1/32 in fishtail bit.
  • The double sided tape used to secure the project may leave a sticky residue.

Need Help?

  • Contact Us to set up a virtual or in-person appointment to learn how to use the Easel software

Project Examples