What is it?

The Epilog Fusion Edge 12 is a 50-watt CO2 laser system. Files can be sent to the laser cutter software (available only on Makerspace computers) to cut and etch a variety of materials.

Dremel LC40 Laser Cutter

What can I do?

Use the laser cutter to etch a design on a cutting board, create custom acrylic parts, personalize glassware, and more!

What does the Makerspace provide?

  • Epilog Fusion Edge 12
  • Rotary attachment (for cylindrical objects such as tumblers and pint glasses)
  • laptop computer
  • Inkscape (free graphic design software)

How do I use it?

Upload your design submission(s) to our request form and a Makerspace team member will contact you after reviewing. Once your file is approved for use on the laser cutter, you can schedule a 1 on 1 appointment with staff to learn how to complete your project. 1 on 1 appointments are limited to one hour. Additional independent use of the machine beyond a one hour appointment may be granted upon staff approval. Computer skills are required. 

For experienced users, independent use of the laser cutter may be scheduled upon staff approval. Submit your design to our request form and a Makerspace team member will contact you after reviewing.

Do you need help designing a project using Inkscape? Contact us to set up 1 on 1 for up to one hour to help design your project. Use of the laser cutter will require a separate appointment.

Required File Types

  • Cutting: An SVG file is required for cutting through a material. SVG files can be made using graphic design software such as Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator. They can also be purchased or downloaded for free. Try searching “free SVG designs” online.
  • Etching: Many file types will work for etching on a material such as JPEG, PNG, and PDF. For best results, use a black and white image with a resolution of 300dpi or higher. Light colors do not etch well.

What do I need to bring?

For your appointment, you will need to bring:

1. A digital design file to import into the machine's software. Save your file to a USB or have a file accessible for uploading

2. Material to cut or etch.

  • Commonly used and prohibited materials
  • Bring original packaging, labels, or SDS (safety and data sheet) from the manufacturer. Bring your materials in their original packaging with all labels so Makerspace staff can verify their contents and ensure that the materials are safe for use on the laser cutter. When in doubt, Makerspace staff will err on the side of caution.
  • View the price list to see materials that can be purchased from the Makerspace. Materials are limited and not guaranteed to be in stock. All materials on the price list are for use with Makerspace equipment/projects only.

*Always bring extra material. The Makerspace is not a production facility. Most projects require testing and refining. Things don’t always turn out well on the first try. Be ready to experiment.

Need Help?

  • Contact Us for more information on how the laser cutter can help you create your next project.