A makerspace is a collaborative place that encourages exploration, creativity, design, and building, using a variety of media, tools, technology, and objects. You’ll have access to a variety of equipment, tools, knowledge and, of course, support from helpful staff. Build your dream project, collaborate on projects with others, learn how to make new things, and work with some amazing new tools. All skill levels are welcome! The Algonquin Area Public Library’s makerspace is located on the main floor at our Harnish location.

Use this link to read our full Makerspace Policy.

Allow plenty of time for your visit, at least an hour per project, per person. When we’re busy, wait times to use equipment may range from one to several hours.

Age Restrictions: Users must be 14 years of age or older to be in the Makerspace without a parent/guardian. Users younger than 14 and vulnerable adults must be accompanied and monitored at all times by a parent or other responsible caregiver.

Use of Equipment: Users wishing to use a specific piece of equipment must schedule a 1-on-1 session with Library staff. Independent use of the equipment may only occur if a user has received approval from Makerspace staff. Prior to using Makerspace tools or equipment, projects and materials must be reviewed and approved by Makerspace staff.

Use of Space: The Makerspace is reserved for those actively engaged in designing or making physical or digital media works. Users not engaged in such activities will be asked to relocate to a different area in the library.

Tours: We schedule tours for established organizations/groups with advance notice.

Other Regulations:

  • Food and drinks are not allowed in any part of the Makerspace unless it is part of a library-sponsored program or permission is granted by library staff.
  • The Makerspace will be closed during any pre-scheduled programming as well as 30 minutes before and after the program. See our calendar of events for programs.
  • Users must remain with their projects at all times.
  • Users are required to keep the workspace clean.
  • Projects must be finished and work area must be cleaned prior to Makerspace closing.
  • All equipment available in the Makerspace must stay in the Makerspace. Approval may be given to use the equipment elsewhere in the library.
  • If there is a charge to use our materials, we will add those costs to your library card as a fee. The card owner must be present to purchase materials.
  • To ensure a timely closing, use of the equipment must be completed 30 minutes before the Makerspace closes.