3D Prints!

3D Printer printing

Happy October, Makers!

Here in the Makerspace, we have seen our requests for 3D Prints increase lately. This makes us so happy to see our 3D Printers back in action again!

Our 3D Printers, while very cool, can be a bit picky sometimes. That being said, we wanted to provide some tips for a successful 3D Print.

First, make sure that you submit your 3D Print request through our 3D Print Request Form. This is helpful for everyone for a few reasons, one of which being that the form provides us with the information we need to contact you in case we have any questions or issues with the file you send us. Plus, you can pick the color of your print.

Second, there are some common errors that may prevent us from being able to print your 3D request:

  • Size: There is a size limit of 100 grams, which includes filament supports that may be needed to keep any overhanging parts from falling down during printing.
  • Manifold: This error occurs when the layers or walls don’t line up quite right. Essentially, there is a design flaw that, at best, may cause your 3D print to be unstable, or at worst, overwork the 3D Printer. Double check your design before you send it!
  • Complexity: Whether it’s a limitation with the nozzle size or the design is too intricate, sometimes a 3D Print is just too complex to print. This is perhaps the hardest part about running the 3D Printer, because we are just as excited about all the possibilities, so it disappoints us too when we aren’t able to make a print job work.

We love all of the unique and creative designs that are sent to us by patrons and we look forward to future projects we will get. If you would like to schedule a Virtual 1 on 1 with us to learn more about the 3D Printer, you can contact us here or 847-458-6060, option 7.