December Drop-In: Vintage Ornaments

The Holiday Season is here, and we’ve got the perfect project for you in the Makerspace!

Drop in during December and make a mini holiday scene in a jar lid with a style that evokes 1950s diorama ornaments. After all these years, it still looks good. We have plenty for everyone, so please stop by!

And now, an end of the year poem from the Makerspace:

The Makerspace
Makes the rounds
To show your imagination
Knows no bounds.

If you get lost
Along the way
We’ll help find the path
And it may say:

Lasers can cut that,
Try Cricut or Silhouette,
Sadly, 3D printers
Can’t print everything…YET!

We can give you ideas,
and laminate them too.
And cut vinyl stickers
That stick like glue.

We’ll always remind you
To say aloud,
“I made something new,
And I am proud.”

So drop on in
Before year’s end
To create something special
For yourself or a friend.

Happy holidays from all of us in the Makerspace!