DIY Quick Crafts: Jeans!

Looking for an eco-friendly way to upcycle your worn-out jeans? Here are some DIY Quick Crafts that you can try!

Denim Sling Bag

Cut a back pocket out of your jeans, then cut the side seam on the legs to create the strap. Glue or sew them together, and you have a small denim bag you can sling over your shoulder! For some extra flair, leave a bit of fabric below the pocket and comb out threads to create fringe, as you can see in the picture.



Denim Wine Tote

Cut one pant leg off of your jeans and fold the larger opening of the leg in on itself. Glue or sew this end closed. Now, place your bottle into the opening on the other side, and tie a bow near the top to secure it. If you have enough denim left, you can cut out a piece of denim in the shape of a teardrop. Pull away the threads on the side to create a denim feather. Attach one or two to the bow as an accent piece!